Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My practice debates the developing, changing and converting spaces in our communities in the UK and abroad.  The centre of our communities are like a living creature that is born, grows, develops, evolves and dies

Using photography as a base, my work traces the current passing history observing the inter-relationship of the converting spaces and capturing the ‘moments in time’ before they are lost forever.  Each generation and community constructs space for a purpose but all too soon yesterday’s fashion becomes tomorrows discard.

The majority of my work has a narrative of an event, place or space and draws on the historical element.  I seek to extend the image and to date I have used B+W, colour, abstraction, computer generated images, photomontage and cyanotype printing.  I enjoy developing and learning new processes to discuss each subject with the most appropriate medium.  Working aesthetically, I consider perceptions, visual content and draw on the historical.

Influences include Susan Sontag ‘On Photography’, The Art Of Citymaking by Charles Landry and The Production of Space by Henri Lefebvres.  An element of my work also draws on a previous career in the travel industry where I observed, learnt and explored different cultures and attitudes.

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